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Media Garden is the go-to marketing company for businesses, offering a wide range of services that include social media management, SEO, website design, printing services, video production and much more. Our team of experts develop tailored solutions for each client, ensuring their unique needs are met and exceeded.

Rich Morganstern marketing

Richard Morganstern

OWNER / Started the company in 2003 and has since grown it into a full service marketing company. Rich focuses on client growth and creating new, innovative marketing strategies.

Brennan St.Germain website design

Brennan St.Germain

DIGITAL MARKETING DIRECTOR / Has been with the company since it's inception. Brennan spends his time implementing strategies and managing marketing campaigns.

Mehta Mahjabeen

DESIGNER / Began working with Media Garden in 2018. Mehta is a professional Front-End Web Designer and Graphic Designer.

Adam Plęs

VIDEO EDITOR / Started with Media Garden in 2015. Passionate about video editing and its impact on the viewer.

Lauren Meikle

WRITER / Lauren came to Media Garden in 2017. Since then she has written many scripts for TV and social media videos. She leads our written content for web, video and print.

Anna Kingsley

Voice Talent - Anna Kingsley - started in 2016. Anna has been the voice behind our visuals, she is also very involved in creating art.

Nicholas Newsome

Online and outside sales. Nicholas Newsome started in 2017. Nicks philosophy is give the client what they need.

Tina Trapani

INSIDE SALES / Started with Media Garden in 2018. Tina has helped with lead generation and social influencing though her networking style.

Rich Morganstern Video Producer


Jack started with Media Garden in 2014. He is mainly here to make sure our keyboards work when pushing all the buttons at once.

Rich Morganstern


Sammie started with Media Garden in 2018. She is here to make sure we get outside and go for a walk every 15 minutes, especially on sunny days